Throat Cancer Treatment

What is Throat Cancer Treatment?

Throat cancer treatment is treatment which the option which may be considered include radiotherapy, surgery, and chemotherapy. Besides that, the treatment advised for each case depends on various factors such as the exact site of the primary tumor the larynx, the stage of the cancer, the grade of the cancerous cells, and your general health.

What is the Treatment option?

There is several treatment options for throat cancer includes:


Radiotherapy is the one of the treatment for throat cancer which is the cancer is small and has not spread from the larynx. This treatment uses high-energy beams of radiation which are focused on cancerous tissue. This kills cancer cells, or stops cancer cells from multiplying.
Radiotherapy alone gives a good chance of a cure if the cancer is at an early stage. Radiotherapy is also sometimes used in addition to surgery or chemotherapy in certain situations. For example, radiotherapy may be used to shrink a large tumor prior to surgery. This may give a better chance of success with surgery. It is sometimes used following surgery, to kill any cancer cells which may have been left behind following the operation.


If the tumor size is large then the patients tend to required surgery. Sometimes surgery is aimed at curing the cancer by removing it all while Sometimes surgery is used to relieve symptoms if the cancer is at an advanced stage (palliative surgery).

The type of operation done depends on the size of the tumor, the exact site of the tumor in the larynx, and whether the cancer has spread to nearby structures or lymph glands. For example:

    • Partial Laryngectomy.

This is an operation where the affected part of the larynx is cut out. A cut is made in the front of the neck to get at the larynx. Other than that, If only part of the larynx is removed you should not need a permanent stoma (hole in the neck) to breathe, and speech may be preserved. A temporary stoma may be required whilst the wound is healing.

    • Total Laryngectomy

This type of surgical needs the entire larynx is removed. The top part of the trachea is attached to the front of the neck which is to be able to breath after the operation.

    • Endoscopic resection

This type of surgical need to remove a small in the larynx. Sometimes a laser is used to burn out the tumor. This technique does not involve a cut from the outside. It is only suitable for tumors that are small and still confined to the inner lining of the larynx.


Chemotherapy is a treatment which uses anti-cancer drugs to kill cancer cells, or to stop them from multiplying. Chemotherapy used in conjunction with radiotherapy is sometimes used as an alternative to surgery. It aims to preserve the larynx and normal speech. Your specialist will advise when this may be an option. Chemotherapy may also be advised if the cancer has spread to other areas of the body.



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